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The End of Gout Book Review – Does Shelly Manning’s Program Work?

The End of Gout is a program by Shelly Manning that explains how to prevent gout and alleviate the condition. The book helps people learn about gout and how to control the issue head-on.

The Concepts in the Book

The End of Gout includes details on gout and how it develops. Shelly Manning explains how gout forms and the habits people get into that cause gout to become worse.

The focus is on controlling the development of uric acid. The acid is a compound that builds up in the joints when gout develops. The greatest point about the book is that it entails a focus on gut health. Manning argues that healthy gut bacteria are a necessity for managing the body’s uric acid. With the right bacteria, the uric acid breaks down without forming the crystals that trigger gout.

End Of Gout
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What the Program Features

The guide comes as a downloadable book. It includes details on:

  • How uric acid forms and works in the body
  • How gut bacteria influence uric acid
  • Natural solutions to the problem, including a sensible dietary approach
  • A seven-day dietary program to help people reduce their gout issues


  • It focuses on what makes gout a problem
  • The content is easy to understand
  • Does not require medications
  • Includes step-by-step instructions on what works
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Not available in print form; it is only available online

Why It Is Better and Easier

The End of Gout explains to the reader what is necessary for controlling the body’s uric acid. Manning describes how to manage a healthy dietary routine and why the foods one needs are so essential.

The best part is that it does not require any medications. There is very little risk of side effects and other issues.

What Results Are People Getting From This Product?

People who have been using the steps in the End of Gout book by Shelly Manning have been feeling healthier and more active. They aren’t experiencing pain or fatigue.

Many people have experienced a drop in blood pressure and other heart-related concerns. The point helps because gout can lead to various other conditions due to bacterial imbalances.

Users also say they have been losing weight and keeping it off. The program helps to reduce cravings for various foods. The control over the body’s bacteria makes it easier for people to handle their diets.