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How To Treat A Severe Gout Attack Fast (Working Natural Methods)

Ah yes. Gout pain.

The old familiar friend, right?

Bad news first: It takes lifestyle changes on your part to get relief…..

The good news is that you don’t have to bear with gout forever. You can treat a gout attack and prevent it from being worse. Much of this includes putting in efforts to address the cause.

Many of the points you’ll read about here focus on both treating conditions and preventing them from occurring again. You can get more control over your body and how well you can manage gout when you use the points in this guide.

Handling the Main Cause of Gout

The efforts to follow when treating gout should focus on uric acid. The problem is the main cause of gout, as it can build up around the joints and cause pain.

Uric acid is a compound that develops in the body. It is a natural waste component produced by the digestion of food. Purines that appear in the body and from food consumption will break down to form the acid. Most foods contain purines, so it would be impossible to avoid them altogether. But an excessive amount of them can become a problem.

Your body may retain uric acid due to the kidneys being unable to eliminate it as well. Excess consumption of foods with purines may also be a factor.

What Causes the Uric Acid to Build Up?

Uric acid passes out of the body during urination. The kidneys will clean uric acid out of the bloodstream. The acid then enters the urine stream, where it can then leave the body.

But uric acid can build up after a while. The body might produce an excess amount of uric acid. The kidneys may also not be capable of handling the acid they receive.

There are many reasons why uric acid can build up in the body:

  • You may be consuming an excessive amount of foods that contain purines. These include red meats, alcoholic beverages, and foods with fructose and other sweeteners.
  • You may be experiencing kidney issues.
  • Excess alcohol consumption can be a factor. In addition to containing purines, alcohol can depress the body’s natural response.
  • Lead exposure can contribute to kidney failure, which can worsen gout.
  • Being overweight can be a problem. The kidneys may experience excess stress due to the added weight that surrounds them.
  • Medication use can be a problem, as some medications may weaken the kidneys. Diuretics are among the most harmful medications surrounding gout. These drugs will force the kidneys into excess work due to how they force urination.

How Can You Tell You’re Having a Gout Attack?

Gout Attack
Gout Attack

The symptoms of gout are frustrating, as they cause intense pain. The worst part is that it’s impossible to predict when those symptoms will occur.

Gout attacks mostly happen at night, but there is the chance they can occur at random. Some of the symptoms you’ll notice during a gout attack include:

  • Severe joint pain is the most prominent symptom of gout. The pain occurs mostly in the big toe area and in the ankle. It may spread in the ankles, hands, and wrists. Areas that you use the most are more vulnerable to gout, with the big toe being the most sensitive.
  • Inflammation will develop in the trouble spot. You’ll notice a swollen and red look, not to mention the area will feel warm.
  • You may experience a limited range of motion during a gout attack.
  • You may feel a slight bit of discomfort in the trouble area. The feeling may develop after the worst part of your gout attack, but it may also stick around for a while.
  • A mild fever may occur in some attacks. A high fever could be a sign of an infection.

A gout attack could last for hours on end. The pain may persist even if you try to relax the area.

How Long Does It Take For Gout to Go Away?

Gout does go away on its own. An average gout episode can last from about three to fourteen days. The uric acid crystals will break down and move out through urination.

But you shouldn’t have to experience the pains and frustrations of gout for long. You need to treat gout as well as possible, as failing to treat it can cause future episodes. Those incidences may become worse.

How to Get Rid of Gout Fast

Starting Points

There are a few things you can do to reduce the intensity of a gout attack. These focus on reducing the pains fast:

  • Rest the affected area. Excess motion can cause the pain to become worse.
  • Apply a covered ice pack on the area for about twenty minutes. The ice will keep the joint cool and reduce the irritation. Do not leave the ice on there for too long, or else the area will become numb and worn.
  • Keep the impacted joint from touching anything at night. The effort includes keeping the joint from touching bed sheets or other coverings. Anything that touches the joint can develop irritation.

Consuming the Right Foods

The next part of getting rid of gout entails looking at what you eat. Some dietary changes may assist you in reducing the intensity of a gout attack. See more: 10 Best Foods for Gout Flare Ups. There are a few helpful foods that may help in preventing an attack from being worse:

Vitamin C foods

Foods that contain vitamin C can reduce gout. Vitamin C will reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

Consuming foods reach in vitamin C is ideal. You can find the vitamin in various berries and leafy greens.

Cherries are especially useful when looking for vitamin C-rich foods. Cherries can both reduce uric acid levels and prevent inflammation from developing.

You can also consider consuming a 500 mg vitamin C supplement each day. You’d have to talk with your doctor about whether this will work for you.

Dairy foods

Dairy-based foods are also helpful if you’re capable of consuming them. But it is best to look for low-fat dairy products. Dairy foods can help you stay hydrated and can regulate blood sugar levels.

Whole grains

Part of treating a gout attack entails keeping your eating habits in check. Whole grains are ideal for how they can regulate your appetite.

Whole grains include complex carbohydrates that require more effort for breaking down. By taking more time to process, these can keep you from being likely to overeat.

As for white grains, you should avoid those if possible. White grains are heavily refined and may trigger blood sugar spikes. These can weaken the kidneys and make it harder for them to process things.

Soup without meat extract or broth

Soup is always useful, especially when it has plenty of vegetables. But the key is to consume soup that doesn’t contain any meat-based broth items. Vegetable broth is a better base to utilize.

Small amounts of meat can work in the soup. But it should not overwhelm everything else.

Small amounts of meat

Excess amounts of meat can cause purines to develop throughout your body. But smaller amounts are safe for the body to handle. You will need a bit of meat in your diet to build body protein. It becomes easier for a protein-rich body to resist uric acid crystals.

The best rule of thumb is to consume about four to six ounces of meats each day. The best meats to consume are poultry and shrimp, as these don’t have as many fats. Crab and lobster meet are also suitable.

Treat A Gout Attack
Treat A Gout Attack

How to Flush Uric Acid Out of Your Body With Water

Getting rid of the uric acid now in your body doesn’t have to be as hard as you might expect. The effort doesn’t have to be painful either. You’ll have an easier time getting the uric acid out when you consume more water.

Water is necessary for cleaning out all that uric acid. You can use water to stimulate your kidneys and help them in collecting acid and other items to clear out.

There are some things you can do when using water to clear uric acid from your body:

  1. Be sure to consume at least two liters of water each day. The total is good for about eight glasses of water. The amount will help you keep hydrated.
  2. Avoid flavored water or anything that has various additives. Such additional things might make added sugar or other unwanted things to your diet.
  3. Take sips of water a few times each hour. You can bring a water bottle with you to help you consume enough water on occasion.

Having enough water is necessary for helping you to remove all that excess uric acid. Water should work alongside the dietary changes and rules you make to stop producing more uric acid than necessary.

The Ideal Home Remedies For Gout

You can also utilize various home-based solutions for resolving gout.

These include the following ideas:

  • Plan a suitable sleep schedule. You should set a time for sleeping, not to mention you should avoid caffeine and digital screens before going to sleep. Those triggers can make it harder for you to get enough rest. You will require rest to allow your kidneys to reset and handle uric acid well.
  • Add a bit of ginger to your routine. You can boil a few teaspoons of ginger and consume them with water each day. Ginger treats inflammatory conditions and can reduce pains caused by gout.
  • Apple cider vinegar may help in supporting your kidneys. Apple cider vinegar restores how well your kidneys function, thus reducing the threat of excess uric acid.
  • Soak the impacted area in Epsom salts each day. Epsom salts contain magnesium, which may reduce your gout risk. Mix a few cups of Epsom salts in a bath and soak the area that hurts.

Long-Term Solutions

The last point to note entails long-term solutions for managing gout. While the solutions you have been reading here are ideal for treating a gout attack, you should look at some more substantial efforts to reduce the likelihood that gout will return.

These long-term strategies can prevent gout, or at least keep future gout attacks from being worse:

  • Losing weight is critical to preventing gout attacks. The uric acid levels in your body will decline as you lose weight. Be sure to avoid fasting or undergoing rapid weight loss, as those things can increase uric acid levels.
  • Control your alcohol consumption. It is best to avoid alcohol, but having multiple alcohol-free days in a week is a start. Do not assume that non-alcoholic drinks are safe, as those still do contain trace amounts of the substance.
  • Stop smoking if you already do so. Smoking will depress the kidneys and make it harder for them to process uric acid. Various chemicals in cigarettes and other tobacco-based products may also further harm the kidneys.
  • Regular exercise is a necessity for preventing gout, especially as it assists you in losing weight. Watch how you treat your joints in the process. Excess stress on the joints may wear them out and make them more susceptible to gout.

Your Next Step…

The good news is that it’s possible to reduce gout attacks even in severe cases.

It takes effort, but it can be worth it.

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